Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 3: Getting around Europe

Well Day 3 is in the books and as I am writing this now one of the things that stands out to me is how people get around in Europe and big cities in general compared to how we get around in rural communities like Galena.  Everything seems fast-paced here, which is common in many big cities in Europe.  It is also important to note that the Czech Republic drives on the same side of the street and driving from same side of car as we do in the US.  However, there are a lot more trams here than I have seen in any big US city (I have a picture of one below that was taken right outside our hotel).  Like big cities in the US they do have metros (subways).  However, these were faster than those that I have rode in the US (in places like DC), but there are fewer cars as it seems many prefer the trams.  I have a picture of the metro station 10 minutes from out hotel.  It is also important to note how these trams connect people 25-30 walking minutes from the downtown area like where I am to that business and tourist area.  It is much hillier here than I expected, very similar to home, so the trams are essential for people to get around.  Tomorrow I have yet another mode of transportation as we are taking a train from Prague to Brno so I will include pictures of that experience in the near future.  I also have included pictures of a couple places we toured today and visited briefly such as the Charles Bridge and the Astronomical Clock. Enjoy!

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