Saturday, May 24, 2014

One Final Note on the Czech Republic

One thing I have noticed about the Czech Republic is that they are more obsessed with Native Americans than people in the United States.  I have no pictures to show, however there was a cigar store statue of a Native American in front of an "Indian" restaurant near our Hotel.  Also we saw a couple posters advertising for the 30th anniversary of Czech Woodstock which had the title "Geronimo presents" and two pictures of Native Americans.  When talking to a local college student one thing that one noted was that he likes Americans but doesn't know why they come here as they should learn more about their own country.  I completely agree with that part of the statement and couldn't have said it any better, however he continued by saying that they should learn about "Indians" (which I also agree with).  We originally thought he meant India's Indians but he meant Native Americans  which was interesting that a person from Czech knew about Native Americans and would bring them up before anything else, but I couldn't agree more with his statement.  This statement made more sense after I saw the posters, however the obsession of the Czech with Native Americans baffles me.  It is important to note though that some of the Cowboy and Indian authors of the early 20th Century actually were Germans, so that may have something to do with it, but even then that is still very strange.

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