Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day 14: Amsterdam compared to Prague

It has been interesting to note the differences between Prague and Amsterdam as we are reaching the beginning of the end of this trip.  One thing to note is something that I have referred to a lot and that is the spheres of influence that impact the two cultures.  In Prague many of the older people are still influenced by their Russian and Eastern European past, however the younger generation seems to be more aligned with the Americans and Western Europe (as noted by the Star Wars Lego sets in toy stores which shows that people want their children to be Westernized) which has caused a generational gap in the Czech Republic.  In the Netherlands it is clear that it is a Westernized nation as they have very modern infrastructure and many of their customs align more with the Western culture that we are used to seeing in America (It is not completely American though).  Also it is important to note that in the Czech Republic English wasn't commonly spoken  or known except for those who work in the tourism or retail jobs that come in to contact with visitors.  In the Netherlands when you ask somebody if they speak English you get a resounding "of course I do" which is a little more reassuring to foreign visitors and those who aren't too familiar with their language.  I am glad the trip has been arranged as it has been as we have been able to see two different Europes and the differences in the cultures.  Below are some pictures of Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

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